Friday, 20 July 2012

But never ever on a Sunday a Sunday a Sunday, 'Cause that's my day of rest...

Welcome to the July 2012 edition of What's Going On In Hatti's Life!

Oh that sounds ungrateful and sarcastic. It's not meant to be! There seems to be a huge amount of very exciting things happening to me and around me at the moment so I definitely feel it's appropriate to write it all down in a sensible list.
At least for my own sanity...

1. I have just been hired by Cineworld!

I'm excited to finally have a job again! It'll be a week or so before I have an induction and actually start working because The Dark Knight Rises release will mean utter madness, so that's pretty kind of them really! It's going to be pretty tough, I'll be going between commuting in and out of Cambridge and staying with people, but I'll work it out.

At the end of the day, it means I'll have a job through third year which is immensely important now that I can't afford my rent from September. And I don't just mean it'll be a little bit tight or I'll have to cut down on going out and buying new things. It's a very daunting prospect that I won't be able to live in my house and eat if I don't work, particularly as there will be so many other things to concentrate on through my final year at University. I'm possibly more scared about it than I'm willing to admit, but I'll find a way. There's not really any other choice!

And ultimately, I'll be working in a cinema! Hello film student!

2. I'm picking up some freelance work!

This is very exciting, because it means lots of experience and good things to put in my Portfolio! I'm currently in Cambridge editing a 50th Wedding Anniversary video, which is pretty much complete now, for a close friend of ours. I was so touched that they asked me to put together the film for them to play out at their Anniversary celebrations, so I hope they like it!

And I'm about to start editing Wedding footage as I had the honour of being the videographer for my cousin's wedding last week. An amazing (and slightly terrifying) experience, but I can't wait to put it all together!

And I was recently asked by a major national crafting company to produce a tutorial video that will be used on their website and official channel. So lots of good things coming my way! And hopefully it will all look good on my portfolio!

3. I had a successful interview for Watersprite Film Festival!

Which means I should be on the Events/Hospitality team from September until the Festival's completion in February! SUPER EXCITING! Particularly given the calibre of the guest speakers who come in to give lectures and workshops through the weekend, AND as their closing speaker was none other than David Yates last year, which I had the pleasure of attending and was blown away by his passion and enthusiasm and dedication. His talk inspired me like nothing else, and has since spurred me on to get going with my film career, so really I suppose you could put all these exciting things down to Mr. Yates.

So hopefully lots of networking opportunities! I'm planning on getting some business cards together around September, so my aim is to get my film blog up to scratch over August and get a proper showreel edited together and uploaded. Then, lots of thrusting them out to anyone and everyone who'd be vaguely willing to take one!

4. My dissertation is progressing!

I've finally narrowed down my topic and decided on my main focuses! It doesn't sound like much, but considering I began with all plays, refined it to simply Shakespeare, and then narrowed do all Shakespeare plays to just three - I'm quite proud!

I'm now looking into what to do for my practical supplement which will sit alongside my written dissertation as an appendix of sorts. The sooner I have this nailed down the sooner I can begin development work on it, write it all up and cast it! My plan is to have this finished by Christmas - which includes filming and post-production/editing.

My general plan with my dissertation is to have my first-draft Introduction finished by the end of September, first-draft Chapter 1 finished by the end of October, Chapter 2 - November and Chapter 3 - December. As long as I have a first draft of everything finished by the end of December/Beginning of Semester 2, I will be very happy indeed. And well on course!

5. I have received approval for two Film Clubs!

I'm trying to gain as much experience as I can in the area of film, and not necessarily all practical filmmaking. So I have taken the initiative, and sent out letters to several schools in my local area in Cambridge, and I'm very excited that two have contacted me and are both eager to get me on board! My aim is to help students explore the world of Film Studies, and promote the industry of Film particularly at this time when so much is being cut within the British industry.

My plan is to go into these schools fortnightly or monthly, and screen a film which will be followed by a discussion after. I will devise three different themes for the school terms, most likely 'Mainstream cinema', 'Independent cinema' and '"World" Cinema', and will have a series of prompt questions to try and raise some debate and analysis.

Schemes like this are important and can develop many skills that are not only relevant to Film, but can be applied to all areas of life. So I'm hoping it will be successful! I'm waiting to hear back with some definite plans and decisions, but it all looks good so far!

6. And perhaps the most important: MASTERS APPLICATION!

I plan to begin the process in September, and have a few ideas in mind for the pieces that will be included on my application. It's terrifying and utterly exciting all at the same time, but this is what I'm aiming for!

Just got to work hard enough to get there!

7. I am writing lots, which means I can kickstart my showreel again!

I have had a major slump in this for quite a while, but I'm excited that I'm now actually pushing forward and getting those words on the page, which will turn into screenplays, cast, location, shooting, editing, and ultimately short films!

Its really important to find the time to do these things, because at the end of the day this is what I'm basing my life around. So I'd better bloody well do something about it!

8. I start Third Year in a month and a half!

Which is so daunting and scary and exciting and worrying and terrifying and fun and nervy all in one!

There's not really too much to say about this, just that I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to fit uni around everything else I have going on. But, I will hopefully be graduating with a 2:1 next year. I would love love love to graduate with a first. So much. But I'm not sure that's a likelihood anymore. Ah well! I'll be super chuffed with a 2:1!


Well, I think that's everything. I'm sure I have a life in there somewhere.