Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I got soul but I'm not a soldier.

Two songs in a row came on the radio today, reminding me of Glastonbury Festival 2007.
Amazing experience, I would definitely encourage anyone and everyone to go at some point in their lives.
It was by far one of the muddiest years that we were there - I lost my wellies in the mud at one point, and danced barefoot to Shirley Bassey in the middle of a muddy field. But that's besides the point! Some people get a bit freaked out about festivals, especially about the general hygiene of the situation, but you know what? Everyone there is in the same boat. No one brings a portable shower with them. Everyone is wet-wipe bathing, no one has particularly clean hair, make up is put on top of the old make up of the day before, the only clean clothes put on are underwear, and yet it is one of the best weeks/weekends you can experience in a summer.

Hoping to go to Latitude with some friends this year, provided we save up enough for tickets! But in any case it'll be so much fun. True, you do end up buying tickets before knowing who'll be playing, but with Latitude, and in fact any festival, it doesn't really matter. You're going for the whole experience, and in my opinion, good bands and artists that you love are just a bonus. Part of the fun is discovering things you'd never know about. At Glastonbury, I fell in love with The Rumble Strips and saw some hilarious acts in the Circus tent, made tiny clay festival goers and met my favourite band at the time, The Horrors. At Latitude I saw some fantastic poets and theatre, discovered Kirsten O'Brien off SMart is a hilariously filthy cabaret host, was amazed by Grace Jones and finally got to see Regina Spektor perform.
Festival Discovery - its a beautiful thing.

I'm working on a couple of film projects as well.
So we'll see where that takes us.

Sometimes I worry I enjoy the pre-production more than the production.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Love love is a verb.

BEST Children in Need song in a long time.

Time to say goodbye.

I genuinely get quite emotional over this.
This girl can SING.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

This is our reaction.

Big steps and baby steps.

I wrote a letter to send but I'll rewrite it. I can't make up my mind about this. But it's not my place to, and I need to remember that. Either way, it doesn't matter. Its the right guidance that does.

I'm attempting to rise above writer's block and get the chuff on with it. My career is bigger than this hiccough! Struggling with inspiration. Desperately. We went for a midnight walk around town, and though I still remain inspiration-less, I could at least clear my head. So much going on that I need to package up and put away. I don't need it to affect me and I need to shake it out in true Florence + The Machine style!

Deep and reflective today. Not sure why. Happy Sunday.

New hair. Back to the old but on with the new. And a different kind of old. A new kind. Onwards and upwards and all that jazz.

I'd really like to get on a train and go and spend a day somewhere. Not sure where. Just somewhere else. And write. Just keep writing. I need to get past this inspiration block so I can start everything again. I don't want to be held back by all this. Which sounds really down, but it's not like that. Not suffocated as such. Just a need to spread wings again.

And I REALLY want to see Adam Ant when he comes to play the Corn Exchange.
Make. My. December.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

And it's contagious.

Every time I remember my blog, I delete every single thing on it and start again. And considering I forget my blog pretty much every month, there's never too much to be seen here. BUT NO MORE. I'm going to make a concerted effort to actually TRY this time. Haha.

So I'm still planning on becoming a professional filmmaker some time soon. And plans for going to NYFA are coming together. The only problem is I have no money as of yet, and no time to find money or expand my showreel. Which I need to get on to. I definitely need to get ORGANISED. Which would also be useful.

It's times like this when I get stressed about things without realising, that I really start to doubt my own abilities. I want to make films because I love it, I'm passionate, and I'm proud of the work I put together. It's a real struggle to rise above criticism of wanting to work in the film industry and study a creative degree, and still maintain a confidence and positivity about my ambitions. Having said this, there's very little that will stop me from having this career. I'll always have this drive and passion, no matter what.

So I need to buy more memory cards, write more, edit more, and make some actual time. I won't get anywhere through slacking!

Halloween was very exciting, especially in new house! We decorated, we dressed up, we drank more than practical, we created an almighty mess, and we suffered a little today! Beautiful. For all of our faults and flaws, the house itself included, this is a brilliant place to be living. I am genuinely very happy here. I just need to get back into a proper work routine!

I have recently reminded myself of my intense love for the wonderful Regina Spektor. She's marvellous.

And I recently had the opportunity to see Laura Mulvey speak in Cambridge. A complete honour, and very exciting to hear such a great theorist speak in Cambridge. 

so I'm going to get back to career-obsessing... 
And definitely having some fun in the mean time.