Wednesday, 10 November 2010

We wish we were kids...

So I am writing my screen play for Visualisation, Research and Storyboarding,
And I decided to have a little break and update on life!

Uni is still FAB.
Although the cleanliness of my flatmates has been a bit of an issue over the past couple of days.
I left a note in one of the toilets reminding them to flush the toilet as we are not children.
The general state of the worktops is not always the best.
But there we go.
I think I'm going to turn into that flatmate that leaves post-it notes EVERYWHERE.

I recently watched Little White Lie, a youtube series by Team Star Kid,
(The same people who created the AMAZING 'A Very Potter Musical', 'A Very Potter Sequel' and 'Me & My Dick'!)
It has a fab soundtrack, which I have downloaded and have playing most of the time.
And its really great!

I'm going to sort out my other blog as well at some point,
And continue with operation tidy room.
As well as finishing this darn screenplay.

Have fun! x

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