Friday, 16 December 2011

Hey little train, wait for me.

Its usually at times like these, when procrastination is at an all-time high during an evening, when you find yourself thinking about things that couldn't be further from the subject matter at hand.

I feel like I'm on top of everything, carrying on nicely, moving on, up and away.
When it comes straight back.
Right to the centre.

8 years.
And what's so different from last year?
In some ways, I've hardly changed. But in others, so much so I feel like I'm hardly recognisable.
I doubt any recognition now.
Always the adult.
Always working to right mistakes.
How one person's actions, decisions, change the opinions of all.

I can only hope that adulthood will bring rationality on their part.
Because, God knows, you've never had any.

I'm supposed to be moving on,
How can this keep pulling back.
Frustration more than anything.
I feel very little for this now.

And there's the less-occasional outburst for this quarter!
Venting over,
Back to reality.

Gosh, its ever so angsty.
Clearly still haven't lost that emo-part of hattiFATALE quite yet.

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