Monday, 20 August 2012

Read all about it.

This week has been utter madness.

I feel like every time I write on my blog, I'm generally start with how insane everything has been lately. BUT it seems like things are starting to slow down a little bit, and hopefully, just maybe, normality can resume.

I'm working at a large chain cinema and actually, surprisingly, really enjoying it. I'm working with a great bunch of people, I always enjoy working with the public, even cleaning screens and toilets are ok! Despite a bit of shaky start with training and inductions, it all seems to be going really well, and I think this is going to be alright for my final year.
And the bonus of free tickets just seems to make everything that bit more useful.

I have moved into a new house, which is brilliant because my rent is SO much cheaper, which of course means I will finally have some money to do important things. And lots and lots of fun things. I'm still desperate to go to the Studio Tour at Leavesden, and I'm gutted I just haven't been able to afford it. But hopefully now things will calm down and the money will pick up and I'll be able to go! I think the most disappointing thing this summer has been a complete lack of holiday. A few of us were all going to go somewhere sunny and beautiful and relaxing for a few days, but sadly it all fell through. It was fine and completely understandable, but I think I'm still a bit bummed about it. Seeing all my friends posting pictures of their adventures on facebook and the like is bound to cause a bit of holiday-envy! I think with all the stress and everything that has happened over the past year or so meant that I was definitely looking forward to getting away. But there we go. I suppose there's always next year.

I am now a single lady once again. It's sad, but sometimes things just don't work out the way you think they might. Thankfully it wasn't a particularly messy break up, but we both happen to be living in the same building so things are bound to be a little awkward at times. But we're both adults and hopefully we will both be able to move on with our lives as friends.

I am currently putting together a plan for a potential mini-Film Festival, that I've been talking to one of the managers of the cinema I work in about. This is very exciting and will mean a lot for my career and opportunities, so I will update more on this once I have a firmer idea of what will happen.

I'm still writing my Mills & Boon. 


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