Sunday, 22 August 2010

Baby you're not alone, 'cause you're here with me!

Day 2, and I'm still here!

COUNTDOWN: 24 days

Have been working some more on my scripts and screenplays. Have cast a few of the characters, for one of the principals I'm stuck between two people for one role, but we shall have to wait and see!

I put out a casting call last night on my facebook group*, and have had one reply for a role, which is really good because I was completely stuck with who to cast in it!

More uni prep - I've now got some notepads for september! Wahoo! And I've even got some exercise books for screenplay/script writing as well! Add that to my trunk!

I was talking to my friend earlier about starting uni, and the sad thing is, I'm never going to be doing music again! After GCSE Music and BTEC Music Performance in Singing for A Level, I have no reason to do music again. But there we go! I'll always keep up the singing I think, especially with gospel choir!

Ahh the exclamation marks are back again...

A lady at the checkout in the supermarket the other day said Star Wars isn't as good as Shrek. Interesting. I'm not that big a fan of Star Wars (shock horror) but I don't know if it can really be compared to Shrek... Favourite film of the moment: Inception. Oh my gosh, go and see it if you haven't. It's utterly amazing. Best film of the year! Massively looking forward to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World as well! Love love love Kick Ass, so I'm enjoying this trend of comic book movies at the moment.

I've set up a blog for my film stuff, so I'll post a link on here and try and keep up with it maybe. And maybe a twitter as well. Although I am hopeless with Twitter. Ah, we'll see!

I'm off to edit more film.

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