Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Hermione can't draw, Hermione can't draw!

Please, if you haven't, watch A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel. It is important to your cultural life and humour. That and the fact that I cry with laughter every time! Team Star Kid I am in awe of you all!

Ok, so I missed a day yesterday (bad sign) but here I am on day four, well technically five because it's past midnight, which is why this will be short.

Went to a clothes swap evening with some friends! It was so lovely, and although I didn't take anything with me, I think I left with the biggest bag! Hehe. All wonderful things that will fit beautifully with my new Cambridge setting in September! Hehe.

Still packing things for Cam!


Wow, its really soon!

Anyway. Even my cat has fallen asleep, so I think I should too. Toodle oo for now, will post again tomorrow/later in the day.

Hatti x

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