Saturday, 21 August 2010

Stars fading but I linger on dear...

I keep promising myself that I will stick to one of these one day, so here is my start! Again!

Uni plans are all going swimmingly! I got the grades I needed for Anglia Ruskin, and almost doubled the amount of UCAS points they asked for! Moving in on Wed. 15th September, but there's a freshers thing for people on my course like an hour before I'm scheduled to move in, so hopefully that can be sorted out somehow! Anyway!


So I'm slowly getting prepared, sorting out files of things I think might be useful to what I'm studying, putting things to take with me in my trunk - yes, trunk!! At the moment, my Harry Potter-stylee trunk is filled with two pairs of harem pants, a tea pot (I don't drink tea), a couple of towels, a nice pen, and a Wizard of Oz chalkboard. I think I'm well prepared! At least Cambridge isn't too far from home, so I can always pop back and get anything I've forgotten!

Filming prep is going well! We shot 3 of 15 scenes on monday, and I've started editing - its all looking good! One might need to be redone, but it's only a short scene - the battery on my camera died just as we finished it, so it was all a bit rushed and I didn't get the shots I really wanted. But the other two scenes are fab!

I'm writing another screen play - an attempt at comedy, ooh er... I can't write comedy, I can't devise comedy, so this will be interesting... But I told my friend the plot line, and he laughed (an actual laugh) so it might not be too bad!

Seeking out some actors and extras for a couple of films as well, hope that goes alright!

Have storyboarded one, but I don't know if I'm really feeling it. I might start filming and see how it goes. If not, it can always be rewritten and remade another time!

I just realised I have ended every paragraph with an exclamation mark. I must be enthusiastic today.

Anyway, now off to eat some ice cream! (and there's another)
Toodle oo,

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