Sunday, 13 November 2011

This is our reaction.

Big steps and baby steps.

I wrote a letter to send but I'll rewrite it. I can't make up my mind about this. But it's not my place to, and I need to remember that. Either way, it doesn't matter. Its the right guidance that does.

I'm attempting to rise above writer's block and get the chuff on with it. My career is bigger than this hiccough! Struggling with inspiration. Desperately. We went for a midnight walk around town, and though I still remain inspiration-less, I could at least clear my head. So much going on that I need to package up and put away. I don't need it to affect me and I need to shake it out in true Florence + The Machine style!

Deep and reflective today. Not sure why. Happy Sunday.

New hair. Back to the old but on with the new. And a different kind of old. A new kind. Onwards and upwards and all that jazz.

I'd really like to get on a train and go and spend a day somewhere. Not sure where. Just somewhere else. And write. Just keep writing. I need to get past this inspiration block so I can start everything again. I don't want to be held back by all this. Which sounds really down, but it's not like that. Not suffocated as such. Just a need to spread wings again.

And I REALLY want to see Adam Ant when he comes to play the Corn Exchange.
Make. My. December.

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