Saturday, 3 March 2012

Cecilia, I'm down on my knees...

Today is a day that should be filled with most useful things.
Should be.

Unfortunately, my bed is far too comfortable and warm for me to want to move too far. That and I would still have to confront the fact that we are now without hot water. Completely. Sometimes I do wonder how landlords can justify to themselves taking such shocking advantages of students. I genuinely wonder how easy it is to sleep at night knowing there is a group of people barely able to live in a house you are being paid to supposedly upkeep to "standard living conditions", let alone complying with legal hazard and health requirements. (Yes, I'm doing my research. Yes, I'm taking this higher.)

Anyway. I shall be spending my evening frolicking about town in a homemade Elle Driver costume - Year 21 is indeed the Year of the Villain. I'm very excited about beginning to plan my birthday do this year. Once again, it falls within deadline season, even better - on my birthday. So we are making a weekend of my birthday celebrations, end of year 2 and this delightful concept called 'freedom' that we currently possess before the literal chaining to laptops that accompanies the DISSERTATION ZONE.

Having said this, I am quite ridiculously excited about starting my dissertation. I have set up a dissertation blog so that I can keep track of everything, and keep ramblings to a minimum elsewhere if I have somewhere to vent on this topic specifically.

Must go and buy hair dye for Gideon-Graves-dressing housemate tonight.

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