Thursday, 15 March 2012

Let's talk about you.

Somewhat relaxed on the update front. I'll leave it up to you, dear reader, as to whether its because I've been far too busy to post, or because there simply aren't enough interesting happenings to post about at present.

I'm currently writing as I travel back home on the train again. I seem to spend half my time on trains lately, but I find this is no bad thing. Trains provide that liminal space, the anonymity of communal journeying, that gives enough mental space to expand on any passing pondering. 'Passing pondering'. I quite like that. If/when I create yet another blog, which is largely inevitable, I will endeavour to name it such. I almost wish my journey were longer, I seem to write much more freely and fluently when travelling.

In other writing news - I'm still piecing together the general base outline for my dissertation. And still attempting to devise a witty title. I have also, finally, descended into the realm of fanfiction. After spending a good year reading masses of the stuff, apparently I feel accomplished enough to attempt my own. I shall not be posting the stories themselves here, nor shall I let slip my username for you to find them. To be perfectly honest though, should you know me well enough it should be fairly easy to guess what it might be, and anyone who has happened to come within the slightest vicinity of my being can surely assume which fandom I am delving into. I have just had an outline beta-ed rather enthusiastically by a dear friend, so we'll see how it goes. Evidently I am no serious writer but judging by some shockers I've come across, this is no requirement.

I have also hit a rather large writer's block when it comes to my films. I have generally hit a large and entirely impenetrable wall with all my creative endeavours it seems. This is pretty much a big fat lie, I'm just not doing anything. At all. And it is immensely infuriating.

I am also holding onto hope that I can live in the same room next year. I will cry, very much so, should my landlord choose to refuse me. Although this wouldn't be such a surprise - he has already explicitly stated to my housemate that he doesn't like me and that I am rude. I won't go into detail, mainly because I am entirely fed up of the whole situation, but he isn't exactly the happiest of chappies that I've ever come across. But there we go.

The weather has been beautiful lately. Which most likely explains the upping of mood here. I have been spending time out in our garden (if it can be called such), yet still managing to avoid getting a decent amount of work done. But anyway, I have made a step towards bare-leg dressing for the summer - I am currently wearing a vest, top, shorts, fishnets and my Starkid shoes. The fishnets probably explain the frequent second glances that have been sent my way today. Always been one for turning heads, for whatever reason.

Last week, I spent the morning in Prison. In a sense. I visited with the Gospel Choir I am now an alumni of, to sing and lead worship for their Sunday morning services. It was a great experience, particularly as I have always been interested in Prison work. I would love to be involved in some way, although many people I know aren't so keen on my doing so. Nevertheless, we have been invited back to the Chapel again, and I fully intend on rejoining them again.

Finally, its my mum's birthday! And I wish her a super wonderful day. This explains my current travelling status, I am particularly looking forward to spending a few days with her, and seeing her reaction to her present!

And as my journey continues, I shall end this liminal post.

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