Thursday, 8 March 2012

If you love a woman.

Happy International Women's Day!

Little bit torn, on a national recognition day such as this, as to whether equality between genders is truly being recognised, or whether we're celebrating the difference. I'm aware those are two largely different arguments, but after having watched an article on the Day on BBC's Newsnight, its really rather unclear if feminism is being considered let alone maintaining itself as a fighting force. I fully support celebrating influential and remarkable women, and continuing the fight for equality between men and women - let's be honest, I've no hope of making it in my desired industry if that's not my stance. It worries me that a vast amount of people my age don't understand, let alone support the basic ideas that underpin feminism.

On another note, there's a rather interesting programme on television about the London Underground. If I was more awake, I'd probably stay up and watch it. Unfortunately, I'm ill. So I must concentrate on getting better, as I'm rejoining the choir for a service in the local prison. I've always had an interest in prison work, so this is a real opportunity.

I must go let the cat back in.

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