Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Kidnap the Sandy Claws

And so with 24 hours before I have to be at work, I am finishing off my final essay of Year 3 Semester 1. It's a good'un to be fair, I've really enjoyed my research and even reading the laborious and nonsensical articles that accompany it, so A Discussion of the Intermedial Relations Between Film and Videogames has certainly been a fun one to get stuck into.

Unfortunately, having been struck down with the dreaded norovirus meant I was quite horrendously ill and had to get an extension on this one, but I managed to get my Independent Film Practice work in on time, and I felt pretty good about it. So naturally I'll get a pretty rubbish mark for it.

What a year this has been. I have felt rather disinclined to write a lengthy 'this is everything my year has covered here's hoping the next one's just as good' facebook, twitter or blog post, but I feel I should probably comment a little. It's been quite a rollercoaster that has included all sorts. A lot of good fortune, friends, family, truths, wealth, work, happiness and love, and some difficult shit thrown in there too, as any year must be. I suppose I'm rather underwhelmed by the dawning of 2013, mainly because my big changes will come half way through the year. So this New Year is the quiet and gentle beginning before a build up to the incredible unknown. I just feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience the things I have and to be looking forward to a potentially exciting and hugely terrifying 12 months.

So as I sit here in my basement, watching the clouds roll by, wearing my blue bowler hat and mulling over the player's role in the experience of both videogames and cinema, I wish you all a beautiful New Year, filled with much luck, love and happiness.

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