Tuesday, 15 January 2013

We are the kings and queens of promise.

I wonder if Monday nights are going to become a regular blogging witching hour for me. I'm usually up anyway to listen to boyfriend's radio show. I suppose it's just a good, quiet time to collect thoughts and mull over the past week and the week ahead.

I had a strange dream last night, albeit interrupted at 4am. I can't swim and have a pretty full on fear of water, but I dreamt I was swimming in a crystal clear, blue ocean, and a luxurious pool that looked right over it. I'm not one for decrypting dreams and understanding the deeper meaning behind them. Maybe it means this year I'll learn to swim. Or perhaps will embrace scary things - that part's for sure at least. I'm not sure. I just wanted to put it out there I suppose. I'm panicking about all sorts of things, from work experience to dissertation, from eyebrows to boyfriend. I think anything will do at the moment. As long as I can have a good long panic-session about it.

It's difficult not really having too many people to talk over this nonsensical rambling with at the moment. Which is why, dear blog reader, if you really are out there, you are currently bearing the brunt of this. And I apologise.

I'm most likely going to have to go back over most of this
and re-edit so I don't sound like so much of a lunatic.

On the up-side, my panic is motivating me to do more things! I'm making good progress on my work experience tasks, which have had a major set back with illness and deadlines, but hopefully I'll have it all finished up by tomorrow so they won't think I've abandoned the cause entirely.

For some reason I've also kicked off my Nail Art Blog again. Apparently I do not have enough to do at this moment in time. Here are a couple of my new creations, inspired by and taken from Sharmadean Reid's WAH Nails Book of Nail Art, which is truly fantastic. I give you POW nails, and rainbow leopard print.

I have also dug out some of my old script ideas. Its exciting because they're half-developed and still a bit interesting, so maybe, finally, I might actually do something worthwhile. Lord knows, whatever people understood of my nudey film might at first glance, its not the direction I'm planning on taking my career in. And neither is Harry Potter-themed stop-motion lego animation.

Also, (and this is where it gets really exciting) I've sent booking requests for two open days at the School of my intended Masters degree! Terrifying and so exciting I could squeal all rolled into one. Of course this doesn't mean I'm literally a step closer to getting in, but it could most definitely aid the journey.

I should really sign off now, it is getting rather late and I should do more things tomorrow.
Good night.

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